GlobalComix Launches Digital Subscription Service

Global Comix Gold
Courtesy of GlobalComix
Indie comic book titles will be available to read on demand.

Digital comic readers will have the chance to sample the cream of independent comics for one monthly fee with the announcement of a new subscription service from indie digital comics platform GlobalComix.

GlobalComix GOLD will offer subscribers full access to the company’s catalog, including publishers such as TPub, Wannabe Press, Arcana Comics, Dream Studios, and AWA Studios, for the monthly cost of $7.99, with that fee being split only amongst creators and publishers whose content is read by individual subscribers rather that being shared across all content creators attached to the service.

“This is a truly fair and equitable model for digital comics,” CEO Christopher Carter said in a statement. “The reader is offered a tremendous value proposition for a small budget, and in accepting those terms they know the creators they support are directly rewarded. If readers simply want to enjoy the free content that’s available on the platform, they will continue to have that option, but our messaging will always be supportive of the entire creative community available to you at GlobalComix.”

“We’re giving readers the best of both worlds,” added VP of content Gamal Hennessy. “They can dig deep into the catalog of their favorite creators and publishers, or they can sample all of the content in our extensive catalog just like they already do with services like Netflix and Spotify.”

The rollout of GlobalComix GOLD follows the launch of the service’s SUPERFAN program, which allows creators to extend additional content to specific supporters, including early access to upcoming releases; GlobalComix is currently working to extend the program to allow creators to share work-in-progress, development sketches, and more.

More information about the GOLD subscription can be found at GlobalComix.com.