Comic-Con: 'Godzilla 2' Monsters Revealed, 'Warcraft' Footage Teased (Video)

Godzilla Bryan Cranston Aaron Taylor-Johnson - H 2014
<p>Godzilla Bryan Cranston Aaron Taylor-Johnson - H 2014</p>   |   Warner Bros. Pictures
Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann also made appearances to show off their newly retitled thriller "Blackhat."

Legendary's Thomas Tull kicked off the studio's Hall H panel with a little taste of the followup to Godzilla.

After introducing a video message from director Gareth Edwards, a teaser featuring stock historical footage and a voiceover from JFK revealed that there are more threats out there. The Comic-Con crowd went wild as three creature names flashed on screen, with grainy, old school footage of the Godzilla classics flashing on screen, along with their names: Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah.

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Edwards, who is directing a Star Wars spinoff before tackling Godzilla 2, said in his prerecorded thank you to fans said needed "a break" from a big sci-fi franchize with lots of fanboy scrutiny.

"So I'm up here doing a small sci-fi movie," he joked.

Guillermo del Toro dropped by to show off footage of Crimson Peak, working the crowd into a frenzy. (Read all the details here.)

Duncan Jones also brought a look at Warcraft, revealing the first footage from the film since it wrapped.

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He described the film, which comes out in March 2016, as trying to make The Lord of the Rings and Avatar at the same time. The footage looked to live up to that task, with the sets reminiscent of Peter Jackson's films, and the Orcs channeling what James Cameron did with Avatar's Na'vi.

It looked at individuals from each side of the conflict, as they brooded over things such as duty and family. Jones promised the film would reveal how the world fell into war.

"There's a lot of films which want to make origin stories," Jones said. "But I think in this case it merits an origin story. We want to show how the world of Azarath falls into conflict of Orcs and humans."

Earlier in the legendary panel, Michael Mann made his first Comic-Con appearance to debut footage from his upcoming cyber thriller, Blackhat centering on a hacker played by Chris Hemsworth. After debuting action-heavy footage, Hemsworth made a surprise appearance.

"Of the top ten favorite movies of mine, a lot of them come from Michael,' Hemsworth said.

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