'Godzilla' Director Teases Trailer's Hidden Secrets

The latest trailer for Legendary's monster remake is "kind of a little treasure map for fans to try and figure out what this all means," according to Gareth Edwards.
Warner Bros. Pictures

For those who suspected that there may have been more going on in the Godzilla trailer than was immediately obvious on first glimpse (Were there multiple monsters? Was an all-new origin for the monster teased?), director Gareth Edwards wants you to know that you weren't wrong.

"It's kind of a little treasure map for fans to try and figure out what this all means," Edwards told Empire magazine in a video deconstruction of the trailer. "There are little glimpses in here of what our film might contain, and I don't want to spoil it, but if you freeze frame some of them, I think there are some obvious things that might be implied."

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Edwards stopped short of confirming or denying some of the more popular theories that have appeared online in the wake of the trailer's release on Tuesday -- although he did point out that sometimes things that look like tentacles aren't tentacles and that not every Statue of Liberty is in New York. But on the subject of Godzilla's origins, he made comments that appeared to confirm the creature isn't the result of atomic tests as is traditionally the case.

"What if all those nuclear tests in the Pacific weren't tests, they were trying to kill something?" he asked. "The idea is that, in our film, it's not that these things were magically created for some random reason -- we tried to make it feel as realistic as possible and, if there was a giant creature, how did it get here, has it always been here and, if so, were there others? And that's a question that we address in the movie, but I won't say any more."

Godzilla hits theaters May 16. Watch Edwards discuss the trailer below.