'Godzilla' Giant-Size Toy Reveals Monster's New Look

The 24 inch tall, 43 inch long toy from JAKKS Pacific gives fans the best look at the monster from Gareth Edwards' summer blockbuster yet.
JAKKS Pacific

Godzilla the movie may not be released until May 16, but the monster hits American shores far earlier than that — this week, in fact, in the form of the movie tie-in toy, which gives the clearest look yet at the reimagined nuclear monster.

Standing 24 inches tall and over 43 inches long, the Giant Size Godzilla figure from JAKKS Pacific is the largest on the market, and comes with 12 points of articulation (including a moving tail and mouth that opens in preparation for roaring, or perhaps some fire breath, depending on your imagination at the time).

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The figure will be released to retailers across the U.S. close to the release of Gareth Edwards’ much-anticipated reboot for the movie franchise, but select Toys-R-Us stores across the country will be offering the figure as of this week with the suggested retail price of $44.99. All we need now is a miniature Bryan Cranston to hit shelves soon and we’ll be all set.