'Godzilla' Teaser Hits Internet

2012's preproduction teaser for the Legendary reboot of the classic monster movie series has leaked online, to the excitement of many fans.

Leaked concept footage from next year's Godzilla movie reboot has appeared online (and has been taken down, repeatedly, by Warner Bros.' request), giving audiences a taste of what to expect from the next generation of American kaiju cinema after this summer's Pacific Rim taste got them hooked.

The footage officially premiered at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, when it was described as a concept teaser created before the movie had gone into production -- making Internet reports that it's a sneak peek at footage from the movie slightly misleading -- before disappearing until last month, when it reappeared on YouTube under the name Fat Boy.

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That new title was well-chosen, considering the Robert Oppenheimer quote that runs throughout the teaser, as the camera slowly reveals buildings destroyed by a giant monster (or maybe more; the footage appears the reveal other monsters lying on the ground as Godzilla stands over them), before slowly panning toward the Big G himself, just in time for his trademark scream.

It's an impressive tease, if one that doesn't actually reveal much about the movie's plot, or even the tone of the actual movie. Somehow, "silent scenes of death and desolation" doesn't really sound like what you'd expect from an action movie starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Juliet Binoche.

As a way of getting people more excited about the movie, however, this leak has more than done its job. Everyone's talking about the movie now -- if only because they're excitedly Googling and hitting YouTube in hopes of finding a copy of the trailer before it disappears again.

Godzilla Trailer by itsartmag