'Godzilla' Video Game Spinoff 'Strike Zone' Released

The mobile game tie-in to Legendary's reboot of the monster movie franchise puts you on the ground as San Francisco is destroyed by the atomic horror.
Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures

Admit it: You’re having trouble waiting for the release of Gareth EdwardsGodzilla reboot, and, after obsessively rewatching the trailers, have decided that you’d really, really want to be one of those soldiers jumping out of a plane into a lizard-ravaged San Francisco. Well, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. knew you were out there, and they’ve made a video game just for you.

Godzilla: Strike Zone, created for mobile devices, allows the player to investigate San Francisco during Godzilla’s rampage, complete with overturned vehicles, flaming wreckage and flooded streets. (Spoiler: Don’t get into the electrified water.)

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Those hoping to encounter Godzilla or any other giant monsters might find themselves disappointed by the game, however; aside from the occasional sighting of the titular monster from a distance or echoes of monster roars, the game is mostly devoid of encounters with oversized creatures; in fact, trying to attack the monster is a quick way to end up dead in the game — just as in the movie, undoubtedly.

Godzilla: Strike Zone is available now in the Apple App and Google Play stores.