Indie Comic 'Going to the Chapel' Is 'Die Hard' at a Wedding

Going to the Chapel cover-Publicity-H 2019
Lisa Serle/Action Lab
The romantic action-comedy is from writer David Pepose.

For everyone who’s ever believed that their wedding day was as stressful as it was possible to be, independent comic book publisher Action Labs has a title debuting later this year that argues that things could be much, much worse. After all, as the tagline for Going to the Chapel argues, “Love is the ultimate hostage situation.”

The upcoming romantic action-comedy series follows the unfortunate nuptials of Emily Anderson, a bride-to-be who wasn’t necessarily convinced everything would go well even before her big day was interrupted by a gang of Elvis-themed bank robbers looking for a quick getaway.

Going to the Chapel will be written by David Pepose, writer of the popular Action Lab: Danger Zone series Spencer & Locke, with art from Gavin Guidry and Liz Kramer providing colors. Pepose describes the new series as “Die Hard at a wedding — or Dog Day Afternoon meets The Runaway Bride,” adding in a statement, that the comic features a "sprawling, diverse and downright dysfunctional cast."

Guidry, whose previous work includes The Battle of New Orleans and backgrounds on ONi Press’s Heartthrob, said that the series offered some "exciting challenges" as an artist.

"Between the moments of action and comedy, our whole cast of characters were a blast for me to work with, and because our book touches upon so many different tastes and genres, I'm excited for folks to have a chance to read it," he said.

The series officially launches in comic book stores and digitally this fall, but those attending either Emerald City Comic-Con or Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo this month should look for Guidry and Pepose, respectively, for exclusive sneak preview editions. For everyone else, read on for The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive preview below.