'The Goldbergs' Creator Under Fire for Criticizing the President ... From 'Spaceballs'

Space Balls Still Mel Brooks and Adam F. Goldberg - Inset - H 2017
Photofest (Brooks); Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images (Goldberg)
Twitter users are threatening to boycott the ABC comedy after Adam F. Goldberg's tweets about the 1987 classic were mistaken to be about President Trump.

Tweeting about the president is a sure-fire way to drum up controversy, as Adam F. Goldberg has learned firsthand after sharing his thoughts on "the most clueless and ineffective" president of all time.

The creator of ABC's The Goldbergs took to Twitter on Sunday to blast President Skroob, the sleazy and corrupt president played by Mel Brooks in the director's 1987 classic Spaceballs. Less than a day later, Goldberg is down more than 1,000 followers and has ignited a tweet storm — because a number of people mistakenly thought Goldberg was speaking about President Donald Trump.

It started out rather civil, with people discussing Skroob.

But soon, it became apparent that some Twitter users thought Goldberg was referring Trump, as people began saying they would boycott Goldberg's his show.

Others supported Goldberg's analysis of the president, but it seemed they also mistakenly thought he was speaking about Trump.

And still others had some fun, playing along with Goldberg and getting in on the Skroob bashing.

As for what's next? Goldberg is letting the public have their say by sharing this handy poll. Does Skroob have your support or is it time to draft articles of impeachment?