'Goliath Girls' Returns With New Issue and Expanded Rerelease (Exclusive)

Goliath Girls 2 -  Alti Firmansyah ComiXology -Publicity- P 2018
Courtesy of Alti Firmansyah/ComiXology
Writer Sam Humphries teases what's up next for the orphans of the kaiju generation.

ComiXology's Goliath Girls is making a comeback in a big way next month.

The digital comic series by Sam Humphries and Alti Firmansyah, part of the ComiXology Originals line from the Amazon subsidiary, isn't just releasing its long-awaited second issue on Dec. 5 — an exclusive preview of which can be seen below. It's also releasing a special edition of the first issue, which includes the complete story as well as never-before-seen process art, script pages and character-development work from Humphries and Firmansyah, to help newcomers catch up.

Both issues are available at no additional cost to members of ComiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading. They're also available to purchase for $2.99 each via ComiXology and Kindle, with both issues released simultaneously in English and Japanese, and the latter is available through Amazon.jp.

"Goliath Girls is a historic first," Humphries tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The first English-language comic to be simultaneously translated and published in the Japanese marketplace. Digital services like ComiXology are removing traditional barriers and building connections between markets. These services give publishers and creators the ability to reach readers all over the world, instantaneously. We are evolving into a global, connected comic book marketplace — the connected market."

The second issue of the series expands on the mission of best friends Zelda, Eunice and Juliet as the self-styled orphans of the Kaiju Generation continue to search for the King of All Goliaths, unaware that others are looking for the same thing.

"In Goliath Girls issue 2, we meet a new Goliath, we see a Goliath fight and we get to see Zelda fight with her mother," Humphries teases. "Eunice is incredibly smart but not smart enough to keep her out of trouble. In this issue we get hints of a decision she's made that she can never, ever take back. It's so big, it has the potential to end what is left of the Goliath Girls."

The issue also offers more information about the series' seeming antagonists, the AJAX Girls. "The AJAX Girls are very important to the past of the Goliath Girls and the future of the comic," Humphries says. "They are the adversaries to Eunice, Juliet and Zelda. And one of the Goliath Girls has a secret with one of the AJAX Girls."

In case that's not enough, there's one more tease Humphries had to offer: "Juliet does some dental work."

Goliath Girls No. 2 and Goliath Girls No. 1 Special Edition will both be released Dec. 5.