Google Gets Spooky for Halloween

Google Doodle Halloween - H 2012
<p>Google Doodle Halloween - H 2012</p>   |   Google
The search giant offers a spooky Halloween treat with its holiday-themed illustration and hidden easter egg.

Sure, the Google Doodle celebrating artist Bob Ross' would-be 70th birthday on Monday (he passed away in 1995) seems like a tough act to follow, but the Google team has done it yet again with its very own Halloween treat.

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In celebration of this year’s Halloween, the Google Doodle team created a homepage image of a spooky street lined with jack-o-lanterns, autumn leaves, a crow and a tiny black cat. The image has eerie wind and screeching cat sound effects to match.  

The street features five doors that you can click on to reveal the monster inside: An octopus slithers to the front door, a ghost pops up from the ground and a pair of creepy eyes follow your cursor around as you move it across the screen, to name a few.   

But it gets better. If you type classic horror movies into the Google search bar — The Shining, Psycho, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street — and even a few more contemporary horror films — The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity — three bats appear hanging from the upper right hand corner.  Move your cursor over them, and they fly across your screen.

But this only works for a select number of horror films. Certain movies that seem like shoe-ins — Night of the Living Dead, The Haunting and Bride of Frankenstein — are surprisingly bat-less.

So here comes the challenge: Type horror movies that come to mind into the Google search bar and see if you can find the hidden bats. Remember, it’s a lot trickier than it sounds.

Oh, and one more thing, happy Halloween!