'Goosebumps' Launching as Anthology Comic Series in October (Exclusive)

Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight Cover - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of Chris Fenoglio/IDW Publishing
California-based IDW Publishing is getting into the R.L. Stine business.

As the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary, R.L. Stine's Goosebumps is coming to comics, courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The kids' horror property — which ran for 62 books from 1992 through 1997 and spun out a number of additional books, as well as a television series and, in 2015, a movie starring Jack Black — will be at the center of a new anthology title from IDW in which a rotating team of writers and artists will give their spins on a number of Stine's concepts and characters.

"My first reading thrill when I was a kid were the EC horror comics Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror. They introduced me to the excitement of reading," Stine said in a statement from the publisher. "Now all these years later, I have another thrill — seeing my stories and characters come to life in a comic book series of their own. Thanks to my new friends at IDW!"

This is the second Goosebumps incarnation as a comic book; Scholastic, which releases the prose titles, released three Goosebumps Graphix books in 2006, but the series didn't continue past that point. Stine, also, is no stranger to comics these days, having recently written a Man-Thing comic book for Marvel.

The opening arc of the IDW series, Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight, will be written by Jeremy Lambert with art by Chris Fenoglio. The first issue will land in comic stores and be released digitally Oct. 25. (Fenoglio's cover can be seen at the top of this post, with concept art of the characters below.) More information about the series will be revealed at next week's San Diego Comic-Con.