'Gotham Begins' is the Batman Prequel You Didn't Know You Wanted

Gotham Begins PARODY - H 2014
Before Bruce Wayne, there was this

We all know Hollywood loves a good prequel ... but how many times can we see the Muppet Babies version of a heroes and villains before it goes from cool to corny? 

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Gotham Begins brilliantly takes that question to extremes, through the lens of Fox's Gotham. It's full of self-referential nods to Batman's history, and goes far, far before Batman ever began. 

The video features a familiar voice to fans of Honest Trailers, as narrator Jon Bailey does the honors. It was created by sketch comedy, gaming and music video channel The Warp Zone, which features content created by Michael Adams Davis, Brian Fisher, David Odom, Michael Schroeder and Ryan Tellez.

Our next question: Can we get one of these for Spider-Man?

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