'Gotham City Sirens': The Choice for Catwoman Is Obvious

Anne Hatheway DarkKnightRises_Photofest - H 2016
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Bring Anne Hathaway back already.

As soon as news broke that David Ayer and Margot Robbie will be reteaming for Gotham City Sirens, the internet started doing what the internet does: throwing out casting suggestions for who could play Harley Quinn's fellow Sirens (Catwoman and Poison Ivy). While this could be considered a fun pastime, it misses one important fact: We already have a perfectly good Catwoman who's been waiting for a reappearance for far too long, thank you very much.

Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle was one of the high points of 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. While the rest of the movie got mired in masochistic grimness (hi, Christian Bale's "broken" Bruce Wayne!) or overly complicated reveals (Oh, his name was Robin all along, I get it, that's … something…?), Hathaway brought a lightness and sense of fun to proceedings that felt as if she'd come from a different, better movie altogether. She personified both the playfulness and the steeliness at the character's core in comic book mythology, without coming across as forced or unhinged.

Since that movie's release, Hathaway has been open about the fact that she'd like to return to the character; the actress has said on numerous occasions that she would be open to reprising the role. As recently as this September, she said, "I loved that character and I had such a blast playing her … I love the DC Universe and it would be fun to take a trip back."

Some might argue that Hathaway wouldn't be a good fit for the contemporary DC cinematic universe, because of her age — at 34, she's eight years older than Margot Robbie — or the fact that she's played the character in a separate continuity, but both are specious arguments; putting aside the idea that 34 is not actually old, it would only make sense that Catwoman is closer to Ben Affleck's Batman in terms of years than Harley is. Also, the age difference sets up a potentially interesting character dynamic between Catwoman and the other Sirens — she can be the thief who's got more experience than (and, as a result, a certain amount of disdain for) her fellow villainesses, but ends up helping them out nonetheless.

As for the fact that Hathaway has played Catwoman in the Christopher Nolan movies … does that really matter? If fans can accept that the Human Torch of two Fantastic Four movies is also Captain America, or that Captain Kirk is also Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor (both Chris Pine), surely it's not too much of a leap to go along with the idea that the Catwoman of one universe just happens to look really, really like the Catwoman of another.

So, yes: It's time to stop considering potential Catwomen, at least until Hathaway has the chance to consider the role for a second time. Instead, perhaps, attentions should turn to who should take on the role of Poison Ivy, scientist turned ecoterrorist and Harley Quinn's occasional girlfriend. But, really: almost everyone thinks that Jessica Chastain should have first refusal, right … ?