'Gotham Cribs' Makes Lego Batman the Real Estate Hero the City Deserves

Bonus points for the pet dolphins.
Courtesy of YouTube/MTV

Here's some good news to help sooth wounds of those disappointed that Ben Affleck is no longer directing the Batman standalone movie.

MTV has released what Bruce Wayne/Batman's episode of MTV Cribs would look like (dubbed Gotham Cribs in this The Lego Batman Movie reality). 

Will Arnett is particularly endearing as both The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. While Christian Bale's Wayne was himself a character — a larger-than-life booze hound who burns down his mansion — Arnett's Lego Bruce Wayne is just as arrogant as his masked counterpart. It's not an act, and that's a lot of fun to watch. 

Bonus points for the pet dolphins. 

Warner Bros. will release The Lego Batman Movie Feb. 10.