Graeme McMillan Joins The Hollywood Reporter as Heat Vision Blogger

Graeme McMillan - P 2013
<p>Graeme McMillan - P 2013</p>   |   Courtesy of Subject
The founding member of geek blog io9.com and writer for Time.com and Wired.com will regularly post to THR's fanboy destination.

The Hollywood Reporter has hired a new voice for its Heat Vision blog, just in time for Comic-Con: Graeme McMillan.

As part of THR’s ongoing effort to invigorate our roster of blogs, McMillan will be joining the genre-centric Heat Vision -- started by senior film reporter Borys Kit -- with a very clear mission: Helping transform it into a pop-culture hub of discussion as well as the destination for exclusive scoops and breaking news of the nerd variety.
McMillan is a self-diagnosed nerd who helped launch pioneering sci-fi blog io9.com, as well as covering general geek culture for Time.com and Wired.com; comic book culture for Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and Comics Alliance and has appeared on NPR's All Things Considered and elsewhere on radio and television talking about things like Superman, Game of Thrones and Internet piracy.
“Graeme brings a vast wealth of expertise on all sorts of pop-cultural disciplines to the table,” says Marc Bernardin, senior editor at The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s fast, he’s sharp and he knows how to get to that second layer of a story that others might miss. Also, our Accents of the World collection was missing a Scottish brogue and when we saw the opportunity to complete the set, we snapped him up.”
McMillan will be beaming his analytical expertise from a secure, undisclosed location (a.k.a., his secret base; at least, that’s what his lovely wife lets him call it) in Portland, Oregon.