Graphic Novel 'Paul at Home' Shares an Excerpt

Paul at Home
Michel Rabagliati/Drawn & Quarterly
The new work from Michel Rabagliati continues the acclaimed 'Paul' series.

This month’s release of Paul at Home sees cartoonist Michel Rabagliati continue his acclaimed Paul series, as the character, now in his 50s, struggles with loneliness in one of the most beautiful titles of the year. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive excerpt.

A quiet, deeply affecting book, Paul at Home sees the title character deal with loss, both of his wife and daughter in the wake of a divorce, as well as the impending loss of his mother, whom he cares for in the final months of her life. It’s the latest in the series of Paul books from Rabagliati, which includes Paul in the Country and Paul Moves Out, all of which have been widely feted by critics.

Despite the subject matter, Paul at Home is far from depressing, nor overly heavy; at times surprisingly funny and exceedingly playful, it’s a testament to Rabagliati’s abilities as both writer and cartoonist that a story with such weighty themes proves to be as poetic and light as it does.

Paul at Home is available now in bookstores, published by Drawn & Quarterly. Read on for an eight-page excerpt, as Paul takes his mother to a medical appointment.