'Gravity' Gets a Superman Cameo (Video)

A fan-made clip suggests the ill-fated mission of Space Shuttle STS-157 would've turned out differently if it had featured a certain guest star.
Warner Bros.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity gave audiences a terrifying look at what would happen if disaster struck in space, but a new fan-made video purporting to be an “alternate scene” suggests that things could have been so, so different if only a very super guest star had shown up.

Created by Krishna Shenoi, the clip inserts footage of Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel rescuing Sandra Bullock’s character from last year’s suspenseful space disaster movie. Shenoi jokingly described the scene as “an opening scene … that would have radically changed the film. Too bad the brass at Warner Bros. rejected this version.”

Is it too late to have someone at Warners add Sandra Bullock as an astronaut in trouble to the cast of Man of Steel? Watch Shenoi’s video below and start brainstorming which other Warners movies could benefit from a Superman cameo.