'Gravity' Unveils Intense Full Trailer (Video)

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock play astronauts fighting for survival in Alfonso Cuaron's space drama.

The months of teasers and extended clips are over. Warner Bros. has unveiled what it's calling an "Official Main Trailer" to upcoming space epic Gravity.

The trailer features a closer look at what we've seen before, with astronauts played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock struggling to survive after a catastrophe hits during a space walk. But we also get a closer look at the characters' stories, with Bullock's Dr. Ryan Stone revealing she has a little girl to get back home to.

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The film, from Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron, made a big splash over the weekend at  the Telluride Film Festival, just days after premiering at the Venice Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter awards analyst Scott Feinberg wrote after the Telluride screening: 

"I would frankly be shocked if the film isn't nominated for Oscars for best picture, best director, best actress (Bullock), best original screenplay, best cinematography, best film editing, best sound editing, best sound mixing and best visual effects. I think best supporting actor (Clooney) is also within the realm of possibility."

Gravity hits theaters Oct. 4.