'Green Lantern' Gets Brutal (But Fair) Honest Trailer (Video)

In the run-up to "Guardians of the Galaxy," it's time to revisit the last super hero movie where a human went into space to save the galaxy.
Warner Bros. Pictures/©DC Comics

If next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy—with its outer-space setting, jerkish white male protagonist and alien comrades—reminds you more than a little of Warners’ big-screen outing for the DC super hero Green Lantern, then perhaps it’s time that you remembered just what Green Lantern was really like, courtesy of Honest Trailers.

Calling the movie “a boring story that was too nerdy for mainstream American and too mainstream for nerdy America,” the new video describes Ryan Reynolds’ character as being able to “create anything [he] can imagine, like fists, guns, a Hot Wheels car, or a terrible CGI costume.” (His fellow Green Lanterns, meanwhile, are described as “poorly-animated alien extras.”)

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“Gaze in wonder as this handsome test pilot is given the power of flight, super-human intelligence and the ability to create whatever he wants with his mind, and then doesn’t seem to give two shits about it,” the video summarizes, arguing that the movie “turns one of the most original comic books into one of the least original comic book movies.”

If nothing else, it’ll make you all the more eager to go and see Guardians—if, perhaps, just a little bit more nervous that it’ll end up as disappointing as this 2011 misfire. Watch the trailer below and let nostalgia overwhelm (and slightly depress) you.