'Gremlins' Meets 'Hot Fuzz' in Early 'Cute Little Buggers' Photos

Things get messy when aliens come to the English countryside.
Courtesy of Uncorkā€™d Entertainment

The creatures of Cute Little Buggers aren't as cuddly as they look — and they are soon to be invading theaters. 

Heat Vision has an early look at the comedy-horror pic, which is described as Hot Fuzz meets Gremlins. Uncork’d will distribute the film the U.S. and Canada, while High Octane has acquired rights for the rest of the world. 

Tony Jopia is directing Cute Little Buggers, in which aliens crash-land in the English countryside and kidnap women from a local ball. The villagers and an out-of-town hero named Melchior must rescue the women and restore peace.

"Tony knows how to give audiences a good time — and his latest is no exception. Cute Little Buggers will spook you – there’s moments in this that will make the goosebumps rise and then some — but it will also give audiences belly laugh after belly laugh," said Uncork’d president Keith Leopard. "At its core it’s a real throwback to the golden-age creature features.”

High Octane Pictures founder Galen Christy also had high praise for the film, adding, "Not many films can immediately hook you from the first frame … but this sure does! Cute Little Buggers is infused with an infectious energy, some high-spirited performances, and a unique premise — I defy anyone not to really enjoy it!"