GTA Online Teases New Nightclub Expansion

Rockstar - GTA V - Publicity -H 2018
Courtesy of Rockstar/GTA V
The new 'Grand Theft Auto V' content will feature sets from DJs such as Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna that will drop in July.

The massively popular Grand Theft Auto V, which in April became the highest-grossing media title in history when it crossed the $6 billion mark, is ramping up its in-game nightlife scene.

Featuring new sets from real-world DJs such as Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna, the latest update to the game's popular online multiplayer mode, GTA Online, will allow players to open up their own nightclubs as a cover for their less-than-reputable business dealings in the heart of the urban sprawl of Los Santos.

Rockstar announced Monday morning that players will be able to run their nightclub from "setup, design, staffing and promotion" as they work to make their DJs' sets the best they can and build their club into the city's hottest spot for dancing, excess and perhaps somewhat shadier doings.

The four musical acts featured in the new update took to social media to share their excitement over the new collaboration, posting a video showcasing their in-game models spinning their tracks at Los Santos' hottest clubs. Among the many faces in the crowd is a man in a blazer and glasses who strongly resembles fan-favorite character Gay Tony from the 2009 Grand Theft Auto IV expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony, which would make sense as the character introduced in 2009 was known for his love of the nightlife.

The new nightlife features will release in July. Rockstar promised further details about the content soon.


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