David Hasselhoff Stars in Cheesy 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Music Video

David Hasselhof Inferno - H 2017
YouTube Marvel/Screengrab
James Gunn teased 'Inferno' for a week before debuting it Sunday.

The inferno has been unleashed.

David Hasselhoff's song "Inferno" from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack now has an official music video, which director James Gunn shared Sunday after a week of teasing it. 

Hasselhoff played a small role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) revealing as a boy, he'd fantasized his dad was Hasselhoff. Later, Star-Lord's real father Ego (Kurt Russell) briefly took on the form of the former Baywatch star, and during the credits, the new Hasselhoff song "Inferno" played.

The song is performed by Sneepers (a fictional band invented by Gunn and composer Tyler Bates), with director David Yarovesky helming the music video.

Earlier this week, Hasselhoff told Heat Vision he hoped to collaborate with Gunn more in the future, and even had been asking the filmmaker to reboot one of his old TV shows.

"I’ve given some ideas to James for Knight Rider, and he responded in a big way," Hassellhoff said of his 1982-1986 NBC show about a crime fighter with a futuristic car. "If it does go forward, I don’t want it to be spoofed like Baywatch or 21 Jump Street. Those films lose what it’s about, and you have to respect the fans."

The new video bowed in support of the Guardians 2 home entertainment release, which will be available Tuesday on Digital HD and Aug. 22 in other formats.