'Guardians of the Galaxy' Gets An 8 Bit Makeover

8 Bit Guardians of the Galaxy - H 2014
<p>8 Bit Guardians of the Galaxy - H 2014</p>
James Gunn's space superhero movie becomes the greatest video game that never was

Forget the mixtape, the perfect 1980s accompaniment to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy turns out to be the 8-bit videogame. CineFix has remade James Gunn’s summer smash into a side-scroller you’ll wish you’d grown up with.

The video was created by David Dutton (with music by Henry Dutton), and follows up on similar 8 bit recreations of movies including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Life Aquatic and Silence of the Lambs. Of all the options so far, Guardians feels the most appropriate, and the most successful.

Where Guardians of the Galaxy — 8 Bit Cinema wins isn’t that it just recreates the most memorable scenes from the movie into a retro videogame but that, in doing so, it demonstrates how toyetic the movie’s main action sequences were and demonstrates how much the world needs an old-school videogame based on the movie. (Considering the amount of tie-in merchandise was released for the movie last year, it’s actually kind of surprising it didn’t already have one.)

Perhaps if we’re lucky, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will reveal that little Peter Quill was an avid gamer before he was stolen away from Earth, and that the Ravagers reprogrammed an arcade game for him when he was growing up — a game that he’s still unnaturally attached to…