'Guardians of the Galaxy' Gets Its Own Honest Trailer

The stars of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
"Experience the swagger of a movie studio drunk on its own power"

Just in time for the movie to hit DVD and Blu-ray, the Honest Trailers YouTube series has finally tackled Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy — or, as they’d prefer to call it, Space Avengers.

Unusually admitting, “we’re really reaching here — this was a fun movie” before starting in earnest, the video points out the similarity between James Gunn’s team of ne’er-do-wells and Marvel’s other superhero combo (“There’s Captain Star-Lord from America, the human leader from a different time and place, like Captain America! Gamora, the Black Widow-ish female assassin, like Black Widow! Drax, the guy with the killer abs who doesn’t understand our customs in a Thor-ish kind of way!”) adding, “it’s technically not stealing if they’re ripping off themselves.”

After pointing out the inconsistency of the Infinity Stone and how deadly it is to touch — “it’s best not to think about it too hard,” the narrator says — the video takes the movie to task for its “space mumbo-jumbo” dialogue and the genericism of the alien looks throughout. “If you get confused, just remember, the hero is still the white guy,” it snarks (The video also calls Chris Pratt “Marvel Chris #3,” after Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, respectively).

“Experience the swagger of a movie studio drunk on its own power,” the voiceover concludes, calling Guardians an example of Marvel “troll[ing]… the audience they know they have in the palm of their hands.” And just remember: this is what they say about a movie that they liked.

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