'Guardians of the Galaxy' IMAX Preview Wows Audiences

Response to Marvel's 17-minute sneak of James Gunn's space opera is overwhelmingly positive, likening the movie to the first "Star Wars." So what did the rest of us miss?
Marvel Studios/IMAX

If the intention behind the 17-minute IMAX preview of Guardians of the Galaxy was to build excitement for the full movie, the mission was definitely accomplished.

Mini-reviews have been appearing on social media since the Monday previews, calling the footage ”pretty damn awesome”, ”too amazing” and ”so funny, so different yet familiar, so full of wonder” (And that's just from people who write about movies for a living). Lucas Siegel, lead writer for comic site Newsarama.com, tweeted that the footage “legitimately made me feel like I was watching Star Wars for the first time,” so let’s just go with “People seemed to like it, I guess.”

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For those of us who didn’t attend the screening, the Internet has also been kind enough to share what we missed. Heidi Macdonald wrote a fairly extensive synopsis, explaining that the footage expanded upon scenes already glimpsed in trailers and showed Chris Pratt and company being arrested by the Nova Corps, introduced into prison and then (of course) attempting to escape.

The footage also included the extended trailer that debuted online via Fandango Monday night, as well as an introduction from director James Gunn.

The full Guardians of the Galaxy will be released in theaters August 1. Judging by the reaction to the preview, maybe you should expect lines outside the theater.