'Guardians of the Galaxy': Marvel Debuts Clip of Bradley Cooper as 'Rocket Raccoon' (Video)

Wonder what an Oscar-nominated actor sounds like when he's playing a raccoon set in space?
Marvel Entertainment

Disappointed that you didn't get a chance to hear Bradley Cooper voice Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on Monday? Don't worry -- a new short released by Marvel lets you hear just what a talking space raccoon really sounds like.

The first of a series of "Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy" videos spotlights the character Marvel is hoping will be the breakout of the summer -- a character Cooper describes as having "some real anger issues."

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While we only get the chance to hear one line of Cooper's performance -- appropriately, an angry yell -- the 30-second video also gives us a better look at the character with a visual test of the Rocket animation. You'll believe a CGI raccoon can look real, even if that whole "firing a machine gun" thing still takes some getting used to.

Guardians of the Galaxy is released Aug. 1. Until then, you can just watch this video over and over again: