'Guardians of the Galaxy': Marvel Explains Characters, Debuts Poster

Vin Diesel thinks Groot "is one of the strangest characters Marvel has ever attempted to put on film."
Marvel Entertainment

Marvel has been teasing new content from Guardians of the Galaxy seemingly every hour over the past day.

On Thursday, ravenous fans were greeted with the first official one-sheet poster for the galactic superhero tentpole as well as some bite-sized explainer promos showcasing all the principal characters. 

Perusing the clips, there are few plot clues there but plenty of broad brushstrokes to familiarize casual moviegoers with the heroes long before the movie hits screens on Aug. 1.

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Viewers will learn that Vin Diesel thinks Groot "is one of the strangest characters Marvel has ever attempted to put on film" and that Chris Pratt sees his version of Peter Quill as "just a guy who uses his cunning and his charm to get himself out of situations." Dave Bautista quips that "I basically am Drax." 

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For those not satiated by promos, Marvel also debuted a poster that strikes a slightly more sober tone than the sarcasm-filled first trailer.

In a nod to the film launching Phase 2 of its cinematic universe, Marvel connects the dots for viewers in the poster with a note that Guardians is from the same studio as the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America franchises.