'Guardians of the Galaxy': 'Not A Typical Super Hero Movie' (Video)

This summer's big Marvel movie isn't just the "Avengers in Space," as the teaser that ran during last night's episode of "Agents of SHIELD" emphasizes.
Marvel Entertainment

If the one-minute glimpse behind-the-scenes of Marvel’s next big thing during Tuesday’s screening of Agents of SHIELD on ABC wanted to tell fans anything, it’s that Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t going to be just another Avengers-style movie in space.

The tease intercuts already-released footage from the film with the main cast talking about how special the movie is, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige leading the way by saying that it takes the Marvel cinematic universe “to the next level.”

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It’s not a typical super hero movie,” Zoe Saldana said, pointing out that the team consists of thieves, murderers and a bounty hunter. Vin Diesel added that “the growth of these characters allows the film to kind of, create it’s own personality, it’s own identity. That’s always fun, to be at the forefront of something new.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy consists of members, all of whom are very selfish for the most part,” explained Chris Pratt, who plays the team’s leader Star-Lord. “But they find that there’s something worth fighting for.” Bradley Cooper, who voices Rocket Raccoon, said that he thinks people will be “blown away with how unique it is. There’s nothing like it.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is released August 1. Watch the video below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.