'Guardians of the Galaxy' Screenwriter to Script 'Gamora' Comic for Marvel

Gamora Cover - P 2014
<p>Gamora Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Sara Pichelli/Marvel Entertainment
Nicole Perlman will return to space for new series in spring 2015

Announced during today’s “Women of Marvel” panel at New York Comic Con, Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote this year’s biggest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, is returning to the farthest reaches of the galaxy for a new comic book series from the publisher centering on one of the cinematic superheroes.

Perlman will make her comic book debut with Gamora, a new series spinning out of the regular Guardians of the Galaxy series next year. Not only does the series mark a first for Perlman, it’ll also be a first for the fictional assassin, who has previously only appeared as a supporting character or team member in her entire four-decade history.

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The new Gamora series will be the fourth spinoff from Marvel’s central Guardians of the Galaxy title when it debuts in spring 2015, following Rocket Raccoon, The Legendary Star-Lord and Guardians 3000. In addition to this expansion, Marvel announced a second crossover between the franchise and its X-Men line earlier this weekend, with The Black Vortex, a storyline running through multiple series launching in February.

Gamora isn’t the only new series announced by Marvel during the convention that ties in with a Marvel Studios product. A new Ant-Man series will begin in January, it was revealed earlier on Sunday, as will a mini-series called Operation S.I.N., featuring Peggy Carter and Howard Stark — just in time for the ABC debut of the Peggy Carter television series.

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