Vintage 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Walkmans Selling for Hundreds on Ebay

Guardians of the Galaxy Walkman - PHOTOFEST - H 2017
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest
The TPS-L2 went on sale July 1, 1979, in Japan and in June the following year in the U.S. It retailed for a whopping $200.

Fans who want to listen to their tunes like Star-Lord are going to have to pony up some dough, because the vintage Walkman used by Chris Pratt's character in the Guardians of the Galaxy films is not selling for cheap on the secondary market. 

There are multiple listings for the Sony TPS-L2, the same player featured in the James Gunn-directed Marvel films; some of the auction items are just for looks, others are still operational. And all are going for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

More than just a cool prop, the TPS-L2 is part of history. That particular Walkman was the first portable personal cassette player ever released, according to Sony. It retailed for a whopping $200 (about $589 in today's dollars).

The TPS-L2 went on sale July 1, 1979, in Japan and then in June the following year in the U.S., according to walkman-archive.com

Finding the Walkman is the easy part — locating the classic orange MDR-3L2 headphones is the trick. For the moment, there isn't a single solo orange pair listed on Ebay. Still, there are plenty of complete sets up for auction. 

The classic gadget, which plays a big role in the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was first marketed under the name "Soundabout," according to walkman-archive.com. The "Walkman" name followed not long after. 

Sony didn't have an answer when Heat Vision asked whether there has been an uptick in requests to once again produce the TPS-L2

Guardians Vol. 2 enjoyed a massive opening weekend, raking in $145 million at the U.S. box office — 54 percent ahead of the first Guardians.