Guillermo Del Toro Opens His 'Cabinet of Curiosities' (Video)

Director shares his private sketchbooks and unlocks his office for a new behind-the-scenes book to be published later this month.

If you've ever wanted to look inside Guillermo del Toro's famed sketchbooks -- each one filled with notes and drawings from projects that have both made it to screen and remain to be seen -- then you'll get your chance later this month with the publication of Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities, a 256-page hardcover collecting work from many years' worth of notebooks.

The book doesn't just feature reproductions of the Pacific Rim director's sketchbook work, accompanied by annotations from del Toro and co-writer Marc Scott Zicree, however. There's also a lengthy conversation between Zicree and del Toro about the latter's inspiration and work, a tour of "Bleak House," the director's office and "second home," and an introduction from James Cameron in which he describes del Toro as "see[ing] with the wonder and stark terror of a child," with his notebooks being "a map of the subconscious."

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Other people contributing to the book include Neil Gaiman, John Landis and Tom Cruise. Cabinet of Curiosities will be released October 29 from Harper Design; until then, you'll have to make do with this trailer to whet your appetite.