Meet the Detective of the Future in 'Hadrian's Wall' Preview (Exclusive)

The upcoming sci-fi mystery comic book introduces Simon Moore, tasked with investigating a murder in space.
Courtesy of Rod Reis/Image Comics

In space, no one can hear you commit murder. Which is a good thing if you're looking to kill someone, but not so much if you're the poor guy investigating it — which is where new comic book series Hadrian's Wall comes in.

Written by Kyle D. Higgins and Alex Siegel with art by Rod Reis — the team behind superhero union drama C.O.W.L.Hadrian's Wall follows Simon Moore, a pill-popping detective, as he investigates the suspicious death of an astronaut. Forget locked room mysteries; this is a locked space station mystery. Not that it's one that he's looking for, as you'll see below.

The eight-issue series is one of two upcoming projects from Higgins, along with The Shadow Hours, a modern noir about twins who live the same life until one decides to change that, which will premiere at the HollyShorts Film Festival Aug. 16 as part of the Thriller/Film Noir block of programming.

Published by Image Comics and OSSM Comics, the first issue of Hadrian's Wall will be available digitally and in comic stores Sept. 14, but Heat Vision has an exclusive preview below. The first two issues are available for pre-order now.

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