Han Solo Movie: Who Else Could Be in the 'Star Wars' Stand-Alone?

It's a small galaxy far, far away after all.
Lucasfilm Ltd./20th Century Fox; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest

Yet another set of actors will step into the Millennium Falcon with next year's young Han Solo film, but who could join them?

So far, Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) and Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) are set to star in the film from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson also in the lineup. Chewie is also in the movie, but no casting has been announced for him.

It's time to speculate on the familiar faces that could also pop up (and those that definitely shouldn't).

Boba Fett

How likely is it to happen? Very likely

How good (or bad) would it be? Given the trinity of (a) the popularity of Boba Fett as a character, (b) the role he plays in Han Solo's life in the original trilogy and (c) an obsessive love for Easter eggs in modern Star Wars movies, it almost seems impossible that Boba Fett wouldn't show up in the Han Solo movie, if only for a cameo, because this is what they want. Bonus points if he appears unmasked, looking just like his dear old dad. It's worth noting that the Star Wars stand-alone Josh Trank was fired from is said to have been a bounty hunter movie.

R2-D2 and C-3PO

How likely is it: Very likely

How good (or bad) would it be? They've managed to appear in every Star Wars movie so far, with the droids approaching Stan Lee-levels of cameo power. Sure, why not put them in a scene?


How likely is it to happen? Likely

How good (or bad) would it be? Along similar lines as Fett, it'd be surprising if one of the first onscreen casualties of the Star War didn't appear in Solo's past to retroactively set up some conflict that A New Hope could pay off, four decades earlier. Just imagine the cheers of recognition as a younger Greedo asks a younger Han if he's going somewhere!

Jabba the Hutt

How likely is it to happen? Unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? It's hard to underestimate how many people will hope to see Jabba, the Big Bad of Han Solo's life during the original trilogy, slither into view at some point. Let's hope that doesn't happen, though; there's something to be said for Jabba being an entirely behind-the-scenes kind of guy as much as possible, and every time you see him not sitting back miles away from the action and hiding behind his many, many guards in Return of the Jedi lessens his presence when he finally does turn up. The less Jabba that's actually in Star Wars, the better.

Jyn Erso

How likely is it? Unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? Felicity Jones signed a two-picture deal when she joined the Star War universe, and a source said last month that there was talk of Jyn showing up in a Luke Skywalker prequel. That sounds suspect, and her showing up in a Han Solo movie doesn't sound much better. Best case scenario: Jyn would have a worthwhile role that reveals more about her character — perhaps even something involving her time with Saw Gerrera. Worst case scenario (and this would be really, really bad): Jyn would have a romantic entanglement with Han Solo. Don't expect to see her in this one. 

Cassian Andor

How likely is it? Somewhat unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? Conspiracy theorists point to Diego Luna's shifty response to his involvement in the film as evidence Cassian is in it, but we're not convinced. It wouldn't be bad, per se, just...unnecessary? He had the most satisfying arc of any character in Rogue One (yes, more so than Jyn) — going from a killer in his first scene to questioning his orders to assassinate Galen in the second act to sacrificing his life in the film's finale. There's not much more to say, and there's not a need to bring Rebellion politics into pre-Rebellion Han Solo's life. 


How likely is it? Somewhat unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? It could be fun to see an Imperial version of this bot being even more of a jerk, and it'd be easy to throw him in for fun. 

Saw Gerrera

How likely is it to happen? Unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? Saw might be the connective tissue of many non-Star Wars Saga projects — showing up in both The Clone Wars and Rebels animated shows, as well as in Rogue One, but he's so dedicated to his cause that the idea of him doing anything but fighting the Empire would seem out of character, and we all know that Han had done a great job of avoiding picking fights with the Empire up until A New Hope. Any attempt to bring them together would be, at best, unconvincing, if not downright awkward.

Chirrut Imwe /Baze Malbus

How likely is it? Unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? These are the two Rogue One characters who more than any other deserve to have their backstories told. They are charming, captivating and there's a sizable contingent of fans hoping there is more to their relationship than just friendship. But a Han Solo movie isn't the place to explore their history. They deserve to be the stars of their own story if they appear again in the Star Wars universe.

Darth Vader

How likely is it to happen? Unlikely

How good (or bad) would it be? While the arguments over including Vader are easy to see — he's the most recognizable character in the franchise, and because all that's really needed to make it happen is someone tall enough to wear the costume — it would make no sense to bring him into the Han Solo movie. As someone who, before meeting Luke and Obi-Wan, hung around in wretched hives of scum and villainy, there's almost no way that Vader's path should cross with Han's — and anyway, Vader is another character who, like Jabba, is more effective the less you see him in action.