Clint Howard Will Appear in Han Solo Movie

Ron Howard is coming through for his brother one more time.

It appears Clint Howard will have at least a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo spinoff, according to the director.

"Please tell me you have a role for Clint," Twitter user Andylove said, replying to one of Ron's teaser photos from the set.

"You won't be disappointed," the director responded Wednesday.

Clint — who like his older brother was a child actor appearing in such shows as Gentle Ben and Star Trek — has had a cameo or role in a number of Ron's films. One of his best performances was as NASA engineer Seymour Liebergot in Apollo 13.

Clint has also starred in a number of B horror movies.

On Tuesday, the Oscar-winning director told Heat Vision that the film was "coming along great." The film faced turmoil when former helmers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were fired after clashing with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, with Ron stepping in shortly after as director.

"It's a fantastic script, a great cast and I am having a fantastic creative experience with it," Ron said. "It's a great young cast, incredibly strong — smart, funny people who love their characters and love being part of this. I think we'll be able to do something that is a lot of fun."