'Happy Feet 2' Teaser Trailer (Video)

in 2006, Happy Feet performed a bait-and-switch: ostensibly a chirpy movie filled with muscial numbers about a penguin who couldn't sing but could dance like the dickens, it went into some very dark and serious territory by the end.

In fact, the bleak scene of Mumble the dancing penguin standing with vacant eyes in the zoo stood in stark contrast to the earlier part of the film, which was filled bright dance hall-like numbers featuring the courtship of the penguins voiced by Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

The movie did very well, however, and was rewarded with a best animation Oscar nomination.

Now comes Happy Feet 2 (in 3D, of course). The teaser trailer released Thursday is peppy and cute. But what dark cruelty does it hide behind its white fuzzy veneer?