'Hardcore' Trailer Serves Sci-Fi Action From a First-Person Perspective

"Memory is a funny thing, and I don't know if you'll ever get yours back."

The latest trailer for Hardcore previews the sci-fi action film's first-person perspective.

Shot like a video game using body-mounted, wide-angle, GoPro mobile cameras (with real stunts performed by cameramen), the film stars District 9 leading man Sharlto Copley alongside Haley Bennet, Ekaterina Kononenko, Danila Kozlovsky, Timur Bekmambetov and Inga Vainshtein Smith in the debut feature of Moscow-based musician turned writer-director Illya Naishuller

The action-packed film has viewers following Henry, a cyborg super-soldier whose memory and speech functions have been wiped.

Waking up in a high-tech laboratory as his beautiful engineer wife fits his broken body with new robotic limbs, Henry is immediately plunged into an explosive running battle between rebel scientist Jimmy (Copley) and the evil Akan (Kozlovsky), an albino supervillain with telekinetic powers and obligatory designs on world domination.

Hardcore began as a viral-smash music video for his band Biting Elbows. That was viewed online by the Russian action blockbuster mogul Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch, Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), who saw potential for a full-length feature, and came on board as a producer.

Watch the trailer below.