Harley Quinn to 'Invade' San Diego Comic-Con This Summer

The former "Batman" supporting character will visit the biggest comic show in the country in a one-off special issue this July.
Amanda Conner/DC Entertainment

It’s not unusual to find versions of popular DC Entertainment character Harley Quinn at the San Diego Comic-Con each year; since her first appearance in Bruce Timm’s fan-favorite 1990s animated series, she’s only become more and more popular as a potential cosplay character for many. This year, however, the real thing goes to the convention for the first time.

Announced at DC Entertainment’s Retailer Roadshow in Florida, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, writers for the monthly Harley Quinn series, will pen a one-off special called Harley Quinn Invades San Diego Comic-Con to be released in time for the summer show.

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No artists for the issue were revealed.

The current Harley Quinn series — illustrated by Chad Hardin and the character’s second solo series to date — has been an unexpected success for DC, continually placing in the publisher’s top 10 titles since its launch in November 2013, outselling such mainstays as Justice League of America and Superman.