Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch Duck 'Star Wars' Question (Video)

The two actors try to avoid telling a British chat show host whether or not they will appear in "Star Wars: Episode VII."
Fabrizio Maltese

British TV chat show host Graham Norton takes full advantage of having Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch on his couch at the same time in this week's upcoming season premiere, asking them both if they will appear in the next Star Wars movie. Their response is a master class in not actually answering a question.

What's particularly amusing is that Norton doesn't seem to be trying to trap Ford in a "gotcha"-type situation; he seems to genuinely believe that his participation has been officially announced. It's worth noting, too, that Ford makes a joke about "not quite [having] made the choice" to appear in the movie -- a sign that he's not actually agreed to appear yet, perhaps? Of course, when it comes to Cumberbatch, he's definitely just looking for a scoop, which makes the show's third guest, comedian Jack Whitehall's bailout all the more welcome for Ford and Cumberbatch.

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The Graham Norton Show premieres on BBC America this Saturday at 10 p.m.