Watch Harrison Ford Explain His 'Star Wars' Injury With Han Solo Action Figure

"They closed a f—ing door on me!"
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Harrison Ford and Jimmy Fallon

Harrison Ford took a moment on Tuesday's Tonight Show to demonstrate how he was injured while shooting the latest Star Wars.

"They closed a f—ing door on me!" Ford said after a few J.J. Abrams-related spit takes.

Of his director's corresponding injury, he joked, "Oh, poor guy! What a pity!"

The actor, being comically difficult, then demonstrated — with a Hans Solo action figure — how he was injured by both the plane crash and the door of the Millennial Falcon.

After Ford inflicted multiple injuries on the action figure, Fallon cried, "Hey, that's worth a lot of money!"

But of "being an old man dressed up like Han Solo," Ford said he didn't get emotional. "I got paid."

Watch the video below.

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