Harrison Ford Reveals 'Star Wars Episode VII' Info for $1,000 (Video)

Conan O'Brien successfully bribes the "Ender's Game" actor for information on the next "Star Wars" movie. Well, almost successfully.
Getty Images

What does it take to get Harrison Ford to spill the beans on the new Star Wars movie? Cold, hard cash -- or, at least, so Conan O'Brien thought when he offered Ford $1,000 for some information about Episode VII on his show last night.

Ford -- appearing on the show to promote Paranoia, and admitting personal paranoia of Smurfs -- feigned boredom at the very mention of the subject, leading O'Brien to offer the cash in exchange for being told "something about the new Star Wars film." Faced with the lure of a comedy bit and a cheering crowd, he obliged … kind of.

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If it ends up being announced that Ford isn't actually making an Episode VII appearance at all, despite overwhelming rumors to the contrary, I can only imagine how happy the actor will be to never have to face questions about the topic ever again.