Harry Potter's Parents' Death Anniversary Sweeps Web

"RIP James and Lily Potter" becomes a trending topic, some fans plan a moment of silence to commemorate the characters of J.K. Rowling’s books.

Harry Potter fans filled Twitter on Monday with notes marking the 30th anniversary of his parents' James and Lily Potter's death at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Some fan sites planned a moment of Twitter silence at 3 p.m GMT to commemorate the death of the fictional characters, from J.K. Rowling's wizard book series, which became the highest-grossing franchise of all time for Warner Bros. after being adapted for the big screen. Daniel Radcliffe starred as Potter in the movies, and his parents were played by Adrian Rawlins and Geraldine Somerville.

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HogwartsChamp Pimms ;)
Thirty years ago today Lily and James sacrificed their lives do that their son, Harry, could live. RIP James and Lily Potter.

HogwartsChamp Pimms ;)
REMEMBER: We are having a twitter silence at 3pm GMT for Lily & James. Do not forget! RIP James and Lily Potter.

DannyjClayton Danny Clayton
RIP James and Lily Potter. Without your sacrifice we would never have met Emma Watson.

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HarryPotterish Half-Blood Princess™
The Boy Who Lived, lived due to two selfless acts: James died protecting his family, Lily died protecting her son. RIP James and Lily Potter

acciomanda Amanda
If you still think James and Lily died in a car crash, I will Avada Kedarva you. RIP James and Lily Potter.

JoRowlingNet Jess//JKRowlingFanϟ
The wizarding world will never forget. RIP James and Lily Potter! Be safe, be strong.

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HarryPotterish Half-Blood Princess™
Harry Potter's story began when his parents sacrificed their lives for him. His story began when theirs ended. RIP James and Lily Potter.

JoRowlingNet Jess//JKRowlingFanϟ
RIP James and Lily Potter and Happy Deathday Nearly Headless Nick

12GrimmauldPlce No12 Grimmauld Place
"There is no friendship, no love, like that of a parent for their child." ~Henry Ward Beecher RIP James and Lily Potter

HarryPotterLand ✔ Harry Potter Fans
RIP James and Lily Potter.. :')

RowlingsArmy Harry Potter Fans
Raise your wand.. RIP James and Lily Potter

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RowlingsArmy Harry Potter Fans
30 years ago Lord Voldemort murders James and Lily Potter. But he fails to kill Harry Potter. RIP James and Lily Potter

RowlingsArmy Harry Potter Fans
On this day we mark the 30th anniversary of their murder. RIP James and Lily Potter.

SnarkySeverus Severus Snape
Today marks the day which binds Sirius and Snape forever. For they each lost the friend that gave them meaning. RIP James and Lily Potter

HarryPotterINA HP Fans Indonesia
30 years.....such a long time since James and Lily sacrifed themselves. Godric's Hollow Halloween 1991. RIP James and Lily Potter

KutipanHP Kutipan Harry Potter
Harry Potter: "You'll stay with me?" - Lily Potter: "Always." RIP James and Lily Potter

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Hufflepuffian QuaffleSnitch40
RIP James and Lily Potter. October 31st no longer belongs to Halloween. October 31st is a time to remember how the legend began.

Some took issue with the trend sweeping Twitter:

joannaacampbell Donnie Darko
Can't believe the amount of people tweeting 'RIP James and Lily Potter' IT'S A BOOK. A FICTIONAL BOOK.

mattdsgns MattDSGNS
It's a sad state of affairs when we have trending topics saying goodbye to fictional characters. RIP James and Lily Potter