Hasbro to Release New Female-Only 'Transformers' Team

Windblade - H 2015
<p>Windblade - H 2015</p>   |   Hasbro
"Our female fans have demanded to be part of the story."

It's a bad week for those fans who think that nerd stuff should be boys-only material. Following the announcement of DC Super Hero Girls, it's been announced that Transformers will soon be getting its own female-only group of heroes.

Although the characters in Transformers are entirely mechanical and therefore genderless, female-identifying characters have been present in the franchise for some time, from Chromia, Moonracer and Firestar (who first appeared in a 1985 episode of the original cartoon series) to the more recent Windblade, the result of a fan-driven design process in 2013.

This new team of characters was created in response to fan demand, said Sarah Carroll, senior brand manager for Hasbro's Transformers property. "Our female fans have demanded to be part of the story," she told USA Today. "To have them be represented as well is something that's only natural."

The unnamed new team will feature six female Autobots who will collectively form one giant robot called Victorion, according to the USA Today report. The characters will debut in IDW Publishing's Transformers: Combiner Hunters comic book series this July, before being released as a line of toys by Hasbro.