Hasbro Unveils 'Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors' Toy Line

The new line, aimed at ages 6 and up, showcases Marvel's younger, more diverse superhero set.

Ahead of the Sept. 30 debut of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Disney Channel’s full-length animated feature showcasing some of Marvel’s younger heroes, Hasbro has unveiled its new line of tie-in toys based on the Marvel Rising brand.

According to official PR, the line features “a diverse team of everyday teens utiliz[ing] their secret super powers to change the world and rise to their full potential,” and will feature both dolls and role play gear inspired by characters including Ms. Marvel, American Chavez, Squirrel Girl and Inferno.

Figures will come in three varieties, at different price points: The “Training Outfit Doll” line, which features 11-inch figures with five points of articulation in “training outfits” for $12.99 retail; the main line, with 11-inch figures in superhero costumes and 15 points of articulation, retailing for $19.99; and the “Secret Identity Doll” assortment, which features 11-inch figures with two outfits, 11 points of articulation and a $24.99 price point. All dolls are aimed at ages 6 and up, with an October release scheduled.

Additionally, Hasbro will release the Ghost-Spider Web Slinger, which features a gauntlet, water canister and web fluid to let kids aged 5 and up imagine that they’re Gwen Stacy’s alter-ego.

The Marvel Rising range will be available at Disney Stores and Target, as well as HasbroToyShop.com. Target will also offer an exclusive Squirrel Girl Secret Identity doll for $29.99, which comes with two outfits and seven accessories.

The reveal of the toy line coincides with the debut of the first trailer for Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, the linchpin of Marvel’s kid-centric initiative originally announced last year. To date, Marvel Rising has featured in a number of digital shorts and a line of comic books.