Hasbro's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Toyline Hints At Movie Spoilers

What is War Machine doing there, and why is someone trying to lock up the Hulk?
Hasbro/Marvel Entertainment

Now there’s somewhere else fans can look to find clues about what to expect in this May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. The first details of Hasbro’s toyline for the movie have been released, via Yahoo Movies, offering some interesting glimpses at what might lie ahead for Marvel’s mightiest heroes.

The most obvious surprise is the inclusion of a War Machine figure, suggesting that Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes won’t just be making an appearance at the party seen in footage already released from the movie — although whether or not that means that Rhodes is now a member of the Avengers remains unclear, as is the reason why he’s not calling himself “Iron Patriot” anymore.

Of course, the above assumes that War Machine is Rhodes, and not a different character — or a drone controlled by Ultron. After all, not only have trailers revealed an army of Ultron-esque robots crawling up a cliff face, but Hasbro’s toyline also includes something they’re calling “sub-Ultrons,” which appear to be a number of drones with modified Ultron bodies. If he can control them, what’s to stop him using an old War Machine armor to cause trouble?

Also worth speculating about is Hasbro’s “Hulkbuster Breakout” playset, which features the massive Iron Man armor seem in both trailers to date, along with a Hulk figure and what appears to be an Avengers-branded containment unit of some sort. But why would the Avengers need something like that — especially something like that painted in the Hulk’s traditional purple and green colors? Does this point at the possibility of the green giant turning against the other heroes at some point in the movie and needing to be contained, or something else? (Perhaps Ultron can control people as well as other technology…)

Elsewhere in the toyline: new costumes for Captain America and Iron Man, the completed Avengers Tower playset (with Hawkeye manning a cannon and a Quinjet on a landing pad) and a surprising lack of action figures for Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver or the Vision. Maybe we should expect more at next month’s Toy Fair in New York.

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