'Hawkman' Fails to Soar in Parody Teaser

You might not believe a man can fly after all in new parody teaser for a movie based on the longtime DC superhero.

Of all the DC Entertainment properties currently in development, there are some long-standing characters that have been overlooked. Where are the plans for an Atom TV show or the Green Lantern movie (Wait, maybe not that last one)? More important, where is the Hawkman movie?

That last question is one that's stumping comedians Rhett & Link, who devoted today's installment of their weekday YouTube talk show Good Mythical Morning to the subject. In fact, they went one step further and created their own Hawkman trailer as a proof of concept (You can watch it below).

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Hawkman hasn't been entirely ignored in the rush to bring DC heroes to the screen; he showed up in Smallville as a member of the Justice Society of America, as played by Stargate veteran Michael Shanks, and made appearances in multiple animated projects.

Could a live-action Hawkman movie work? Watch the trailer below, and then imagine it with a slightly more convincing costume before you answer…