Heavy Metal Developing Sci-Fi Vampire Comic 'Interceptor' For The Screen (Exclusive)

Interceptor Cover - P 2015
<p>Interceptor Cover - P 2015</p>   |   Dylan Burnett/Heavy Metal
Post-apocalyptic vampires, robot spiders and giant mech suits, oh my.

The space vampire threat is real — and growing. Interceptor, the post-apocalyptic vampire story by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett, is being developed by Heavy Metal for film ahead of its debut as a comic book.

The comic book series, which launches in December from the company's publishing arm, will be developed for the screen with Jeff Krelitz, David Boxenbaum and HM president Brian Witten as producers.

"Heavy Metal has a strong belief about the project and Donny Cates as writer and Dylan Burnett as artist.  What they've created is something you haven't seen before," Krelitz told The Hollywood Reporter. "We were already thinking about the film & TV possibilities when we started being approached by a few writers and directors about the project. We conveyed this to Donny and he asked us to come on board as producers."

Interceptor was announced as a comic book series at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Cates describes the project, which features vampires who have evolved in a nuclear wasteland attempting to reach the stars, with appropriate understatement. "It's like this: Buffy in a mech suit lands in a Vampire Mad Max hell hole and unleashes a maelstrom of UV ballistics and neon and blood soaked destruction," he explained to THR. "Plus little kids with machine guns, robot spiders with laser gun turrets, Area 51 filled with vamp prisoners and alien tech, dog fights, space stuff, evil presidents! Immortal kings! Swords! Vampire punk bands! Did I mention huge mech suits!?!"

Interceptor's movie development continues a big year for Heavy Metal, the cult sci-fi brand purchased by Krelitz and Boxenbaum last year. The company is also developing Image Comics' Roche Limit and its own Hoax Hunters for the big screen, with The 49th Key also in development as a TV mini-series. This summer, it was also announced that Grant Morrison would come onboard the core Heavy Metal magazine as editor-in-chief, promising a return to the irreverent attitude of the magazine's early days.