'Hellmouth' Comic Crossover Brings Buffy and Angel Back Together

Buffy Hellmouth Comic - Jenny Frison -Boom! Studios- Publicity- H 2019
Jenny Frison/Boom! Studios
Boom! Studios' reboot of the fan-favorite TV series expands with a new five-part series.

Boom! Studios’ best-selling comic book reboots of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel will come face-to-face this October in the first issue of a miniseries bringing the properties back together. But what could be behind the reunion? The title of the series says it all: Hellmouth….

The five-part series by Jordie Bellaire, Jeremy Lambert and Eleonora Carlini ties in with Boom!’s ongoing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comic book series, with the first issue, released next month, connecting to both Buffy No. 8 and Angel No. 5 specifically. It sees the rebooted versions of the Joss Whedon characters having to deal with an event centuries in the making, as the Hellmouth opens up and threatens to swallow Sunnydale whole.

In the face of such horror, it’s up to the Scooby gang to save the day (and the world). As for Angel…? Well, he’s also looking to make sure that Hell doesn’t come to Earth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s on the same side as Buffy this time around, especially considering that one of the Scoobies has become a vampire in this latest retelling of events….

Hellmouth No. 1 will be released Oct. 9 digitally and in comic book stores, but look below for a chance to see just what Hell on Earth really looks like.