Henry Cavill's 'Mission: Impossible' Mustache Inspires Charity Donation

Henry Cavill - Getty - H 2018
'Fallout' studio Paramount has donated to men's health charity The Movember Foundation in memory of Cavill's facial hair.

Henry Cavill’s mustache has turned out to be the gift that keeps giving.

The facial hair of the Man of Steel, grown for the actor’s role in Mission: Impossible — Fallout, became beloved of the internet not least because it made the actor all the more handsome, but also because Cavill refused to shave it off for Justice League reshoots, leading to some incredible (literally) digital work to create a clean-shaven Superman onscreen. Indeed, it was so popular that Cavill’s eventual farewell to the mustache became a story in itself last March.

But, it turns out, the mustache — or “King Stache,” as Cavill himself called it — had one last joy to offer the world, thanks to the generosity of Mission: Impossible studio Paramount Pictures.

In a post made on Twitter Monday morning, the Mission: Impossible account revealed that Paramount had made a donation to Men’s Health charity The Movember Foundation “in memory of Henry Cavill’s #KingStache,” with the tweet inviting others to do the same. The tweet was hashtagged “#LongLiveTheMo,” with an accompanying video including the hashtag “#ShavedButNotForgotten” — which just so happens to be the same hashtag Cavill used when revealing his clean-shaven mug back in March.

The post, perhaps fittingly, was made on International Men’s Day.

The Movember Foundation got its start in 2004 when a group of Australian men decided to spend the month of November growing mustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Since then, the annual event has gone worldwide and become an online phenomenon. More information can be found here.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout his digital on Tuesday, and will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on Dec. 4.