Dante's 'Inferno' Gets Comic Book Update With 'Her Infernal Descent'

The ghosts of William Blake and Agatha Christie will guide a middle-aged woman through the nine circles of the underworld in the new series.
Kyle Charles/AfterShock Comics

Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson are coming up from the dregs … literally.

The two will follow their critically acclaimed Black Mask Studios series The Dregs with a five-issue series from AfterShock Comics, Her Infernal Descent, as well as a new multi-year deal between the publisher and the writing duo. 

Illustrated by Roche limit's Kyle Charles, Her Infernal Descent sees a middle-aged woman travel through the nine circles of the underworld in an attempt to rescue her family. Like any good version of Dante's Inferno, she's not going alone, however; this time, she's guided by the ghosts of William Blake and Agatha Christie, who'll have to help her deal with desperate celebrities, awkward truths and the sheer Hell of it all.

The series heralds the start of a deal with AfterShock Comics that will see Thompson and Nadler create at least three new series for the publisher during the next several years; it's the first time AfterShock has signed any creator to a long-term deal.

"Honestly, we're a little floored," Thompson said in a statement from the publisher. "From the get-go, AfterShock has been really receptive to Lonnie's and my strange voice as storytellers. They only want to help us champion our insane and challenging ideas we've brought to the table. The next few books we have in the pipeline with them are all very different and couldn't have a home anywhere else."

Nadler added, "AfterShock put their faith in us and encourage us at every turn, and we couldn't ask for more. We're just so happy to be part of the family and to get acquainted with the ever-growing AfterShock readership. We promise, we have exciting things in the works."

The pair recently also were announced as incoming writers for Marvel Entertainment's Cable comic book series.

Her Infernal Descent No. 1 will be available in comic stores and digitally April 18.