Superhero Soap Opera 'Heroine Chic' Gets a Second Season (Exclusive)

Heroine Chic promo - Publicity - H 2016
<p>Heroine Chic promo - Publicity - H 2016</p>   |   Audrey Mok/LINE Webtoon
David Tischman and Audrey Mok's mix of high fashion and high drama will return in July at LINE Webtoon.

For most college graduates, it's hard enough to juggle a personal life and a burgeoning career, but for Zoe Porter — the 24-year-old designer fresh out of school in a world filled with superheroes — it's about to get a lot trickier. After the conclusion of its first run earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter can exclusively reveal that webcomic Heroine Chic will return to LINE Webtoon this summer for a second season.

"Great stories come out of moments when people are forced to change," writer and creator David Tischman (whose resume includes DC/Vertigo's Bite Club and American Century) told THR about the direction for the series once it returns. "If Zoe, who has no super powers, is going to become the hero of her own life, she’s going to have to learn to adapt and grow as a young woman."

The new season will continue to mix the personal and professional aspects of Zoe's life, even as the definitions of each change for the character, according to Tischman.

"Comics always tell us 'with great power comes great responsibility.' I don’t think so," he said. "I think using great power puts you on a higher moral plane that lets you forget about the day-to-day human responsibilities we all have as adults: Sorry, I missed the marketing meeting, a super-villain was holding a dozen people hostage. That excuse only works for a limited time. After a while, you’re out of a job. Zoe’s going to learn that lesson the hard way."

He continued, "I think readers key into Zoe and personal drama as much as the clothes and the heroes. The superheroes and the fashion are both tropes we play off of, and have fun with — flipping your expectations of both. It’s amazing how well — and how often — the two worlds intersect. But at its core, Heroine Chic is about Zoe, a talented young woman who’s passionate about her work, who’s trying to start her career. And her life. We’ve all been there."

Heroine Chic's mix of genres also bridges the gap between the real and fictional worlds in surprising ways — the editor of lifestyle site Refinery29 made a surprise appearance in the final episode of the first season ("I read Christene Barberich’s book when I was researching the series, and I was thrilled when she agreed to appear in Chapter 26," Tischman explained) — and that will continue as the series goes on.

"As we move into season two, I’m talking to real-life designers about using their dresses and shoes and bags and jewelry for our characters. When we use a real piece of fashion, we’ll link out to the designer’s website so you can buy the item," he said.

As with the series' first season, Heroine Chic teams Tischman with Audrey Mok, and the writer couldn't be happier. "Audrey is a fantastic artist," he said. "She is the same age as Zoe and she understands the character and how to translate her emotions and her internal conflicts into facial expressions that captivate our audience. It’s amazing to see, and I love waking up and finding new pages in my inbox."

He joked, "a lot of comic book artists can’t draw hands; hands are hard. Audrey draws great hands. And I talk with my hands, so we’re a great team."

Heroine Chic season two, subtitled "Fashionably Late," begins on the LINE Webtoon platform on July 11. Season one can be found here.